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New site design coming.

Here's a thumbnail of my latest website. It's theme based and built with software called Rapidweaver for the OS X platform. I like the design because it has a magazine double-page spread look-and-feel when viewed on a larger monitor, but crumples down pretty well on an iOS or Android device. The interface gets a little odd, but what the hell, it's all sorcery to me anyway.

I suppose I shouldn't do this, but it's doubtful that many of you will actually read this. I think my site gets about 3 hits a day. That will change once I stop treating my web self as the bastard child of my 40-hours-a-week self. For now, though, 3 hits it is.

Anyway, what I shouldn't do is post my test site location. But for the few of you who actually visit, I thought I'd share. While most of the online shopping stuff is in place, the shopping cart doesn't work because it's not yet linked to PayPal. So if you think you're buying a print and it seems like it's taking forever to ship, guess what?

It's not coming.

So, type
test.ratta.com into your browser and you can get an idea of what the new site will look like.

If you feel like telling me what you think of it, click the email link. There should be one around here somewhere.

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